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    ACST8518-D01 Insulation Butyl Block

    Packaging:Carton package

    ACST 8518-D01 insulated butyl tape is the replacement product of 3M2166. It is developed by ACST specially for communication and electric industries. Our product is ROHS (SGS) and Shanghai Institute of Rubber Products certified, and suit for the application in communication and electric applications. It is formed by premium grade butyl and other assistants to form a non-solvent, environmental insulated butyl tape.

    1)Excellent Adhesion and elongation. Can be used from -40C to 120C。 
    2)Excellent Chemical Stability, can last up to 20 years.。 
    3)Reliable Performance, especially in its sealing ability and adhesion.

    2、Main Use

    1. Repair of Antenna Station
    2. Seal for Cable connectors.
    3. Wrapping around feeder and wire connections
    4. Seal for Grounding kit
    5. Seal on power cable applications
    6. Moisture seal for cable and wire connections
    7. Moisture seal for ground wire and rod connections.

    3、Applying Method

    1. Make sure the surface dry and clean. Put the butyl on the adhesive surface, press the butyl stick to the surface by roller or other tools.
    2. While sticking, it should be make the beginning of butyl tape stick to the surface, then press the it until the end of butyl tape to avoid the air bubble.

    4、Main Technical Data Sheet




    High Temperature Performance


    No Sag

    Low Temperature Performance


    No Crack




    Tensile Strength



    Dielectric Strength



    Electrical resistivity



    Acid and alkali resistance

    5%HCL、NaOH、NaCL solvent

    Good after 24 hours of soaking

    Carton package, we can also package on customers’ requirement.
    black and according to customers’ requirement.
    Keep the place cool and dry with temperature under 27℃. Shelf life will be 12 months.